Crowdfunding-gooddeeds - a platform where the authors of new ideas and inventions can find support and investors financing these projects, to profit directly from their sale.
For users
The ability to invest small amounts.
The opportunity to find partners in our community.
Opportunities for risk diversification
For authors
The ability to manage his startup.
There is no dependence on one or two major investors
Investors loyalty to the brand.
Ease of use collective financing

Crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding-gooddeeds is rapidly gaining popularity as a channel of fundraising for thousands of commercial projects and Internet startups around the world.

Equity crowdfunding
This type of crowdfunding involves the sale of a small percentage of your business or offering a share in your company under a long-term investment and funded by the face of a steady income under the terms of the agreement.
Debt crowdfunding
A new type of crowdfunding. You're asking for money in exchange for a share in the future plant or the promise of investment return.

Commercial projects

All commercial projects


All the CHARITABLE Projects we support at no charge!

If you have an accident and need financial support, just share your story on our website. Create a Project in which you describe your story, attach all possible documents, photos.We are sure that there are certainly people who will not remain in side and always support you!

Only DOING GOOD DEEDS together, we can make the World around us better, kinder and more interesting!

To create a project for obtaining of charitable aid

Please note that we do not work with ideas that are political in nature, or have signs of extremism. If you have any questions – just email us or send us your contact details and we will contact you.

Thank you for what you are with us!

Affiliate program

Our main activity and mission of the company is development and popularization of crowdfunding. We pay special attention to the creation of financial free people, which transcended the boundaries, controls and restrictions in the banking sector.

We strive to be as helpful to our clients, therefore we tried to develop the most flexible and effective system of cooperation. We hope that everyone will find a convenient and fun way to increase their income, and expand the circle of its business partners.

We have divided Our affiliate program, based on the capabilities and interests of each. It is a simple system that does not require a deep knowledge and available to every client. All You need is to copy the affiliate link available in Your member account, and to distribute it among their friends and acquaintances.

After clicking the link and registering on the website the user is automatically and fully reserved for You and You will be rewarded for each new Deposit placed invited. Also, You will receive a separate fee for new users, invited Your partner.

Each commercial project on the crowdfunding-gooddeeds platform provides a referral program and individually pays referral fees.

You receive 3% of the amount of funds from each partner involved.
If your personally invited active partners are 10 people or more, you receive an additional bonus from our resource 1.5% of the amount of funds raised from each partner involved..